How Oral Hygiene Affects the Rest of You

Brushing your teeth can do more than keep your smile white and healthy; it can also help keep your body healthy as well. New studies are showing that keeping up good oral hygiene can also keep your body healthy and help prevent certain diseases from forming.

When you brush your teeth you help increase blood flow to your gums. Doing this help prevents gum disease as well as any other sort of periodontal disease. One of the effects of diabetes is gum disease, having diabetes can weaken the blood vessels in your gums, which can decrease the blood flow to your gums. With this decreased blood flow you could be more prone to getting an infection in your gums.

Researchers have also found that heart disease can also be linked to periodontal disease. This link is found through bacteria and infections found in the gums. This is the result of inflammation in the gums can also affect the heart as well. Researchers also believe it could be from the bacteria in  our mouths  can contribute to plaque buildup in our arteries. To learn more about our oral hygiene affects the rest of our bodies click the link:

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